• 6 August 2022
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Hi all,

I am using ZOS-API. I want to change the temperature of my configuration from 20 degree celsius to 30 degree. In addition I also want to change the ray aiming to paraxial condition.

Is there anyone, who have used such things or any suggestions?

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Hi Sanjeev,


Assuming you have a thermal configuration like so:

The following lines of code:

# Retrieve your TEMP operand based on its row number (in this case: 1)
TEMP_Row = 1
TEMP_MCE_Operand = TheSystem.MCE.GetOperandAt(TEMP_Row)

# Select specific cell (configuration) from the TEMP operand (in this case: Config 3)
Config3_Cell_Number = 3
TEMP_Config3_Cell = TEMP_MCE_Operand.GetCellAt(Config3_Cell_Number)

# Update cell value
TEMP_Config3_Cell.DoubleValue = 23.45

Would produce the following result:

In the lines of code, the important parameters are the row number of the TEMP operand (TEMP_Row), and the configuration number you wish to change (Config3_Cell_Number).

Enabling Paraxial ray aiming can be done with this line of code:

# Enable Paraxial ray aiming
TheSystem.SystemData.RayAiming.RayAiming = ZOSAPI.SystemData.RayAimingMethod.Paraxial

Additionally, the RayAiming interface has the following properties that can be adjusted:

I hope this helps. Take care,



Thanks David,

I get through.