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  • 29 July 2022
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We have an KBA which describes some related tools and sample file made by my experienced colleague Sandrine.

One important tool is the NSC Sag Map, you can find more information here:

NSC Sag Map User Analysis – Knowledgebase (

Besides, Steven has highlighted some tips:


About stray light analysis, you can refer to:

Stray light analysis for Head-up-Display - Part 1 – Knowledgebase (

This is what Lumerical can do with HUD:

Polarization-Sensitive Plasmonic Reflectors for HUD – SPEOS Interoperability – Lumerical Support

The coating can be modelled using table coating:

We have a webinar in Chinese:

​Sometimes the system is designed reversely. In this case, the relative illumination and distortion are inverse. If you want to check the relative illumination at the “object surface”, you can refer to this article.

How to check relative illumination at 'object' surface (verify the relative illumination theory) | Zemax Community

4 replies

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Thanks to @Sandrine Auriol , we have a new article about HUD, the simulation is fantastic:

Head-Up Display (HUD) – Ansys Optics


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Michael uploaded code to generate the system that contains the surface converted from CAD file:

ZPL Macro:Fit CAD surface as a sequential surface | Zemax Community

Python fit object face (ex. for CAD) | Zemax Community

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Human vision:

Relying on What You See: Luminance Matching and Human Vision | Ansys Webinar

OpticStudio models of the human eye – Knowledgebase (

How to model the human eye in OpticStudio – Knowledgebase (

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Fundamental training:


Exploring Non-Sequential Mode in OpticStudio – Knowledgebase (

Illumination & Stray Light – Zemax


Lumerical FDTD Getting Started course (ALH)


Optics & VR | Getting Started - Ansys Speos Getting Started (

Optics & VR | HUD Design & Analysis - Learning Guide (

Knowledge base articles:


Dielectric Stack for HUD – Speos and Zemax Interoperability – Ansys Optics

Polarization-Sensitive Plasmonic Reflectors for HUD – SPEOS Interoperability – Ansys Optics


Head-up Display: from OpticStudio to Speos – Knowledgebase (


HUD Workflow Example – Ansys Zemax OpticStudio & Ansys Speos

How Ansys SPEOS and Ansys optiSLang Solve Complex HUD Design | Ansys

Ansys SPEOS Tips & Tricks: Head-Up Display Workflow | Webinar


Ansys SPEOS HUD Design & Analysis – Add-On | Brochure