Non-sequential object with an aperture and a coating

  • 29 March 2024
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I am trying to create a circular beamsplitter with a 50:50 ideal coating on the top semicircle and no coating on the bottom semicircle. How can I achieve this?

So far I have tried to insert a “Standard Surface” at the front face of the glass wedge, applied a custom aperture to the surface, but then I found that I cannot apply a custom coating from MYCOATINGS.DAT to a Standard Surface in NSC.

Next, I tried to create a very thin cylindrical volume in front of my beamsplitter substrate. I applied my 50:50 coating to this surface, but I found that I could not apply an aperture.

So if I use a surface, I cannot apply a coating. If I use a volume, I cannot apply an aperture. What am I missing here?


1 reply

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Try to use two volumes with different coatings on it.