How to specify adjustment surface for Surface Thickness tolerancing using Python ZOS-API

  • 15 October 2022
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Is there a way to specify an adjustment surface relative to another surface for thickness variation. I am developing a custom script to perturb surface #1 thickness and I would like to specify surface #6 as the adjustment surface (I am not sure if calling surface #6 as compensator surface is correct)


Basically, I would like to implement the functionality of the TTHI command using ZOS-API.


TTHI command: Surface #, Adjustment Surface # (Tolerance on thickness or position in lens units, with optional adjusted)


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Best answer by Sandrine Auriol 17 October 2022, 13:04

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Hi @Asuku !

Setting surface 6 as the compensator is not quite the same functionality as a surface thickness adjustment, as a compensator is optimized vs a criterion. A surface thickness adjustment is just taking an extra thickness and affecting it to another surface.

I think you should be able to read the variation of the thickness, right? Then it can be applied to your surface 6 for example. We have some solves like position solves but I am not sure it is needed here.

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Hi Sandrine, yes that is exactly what I would like to do. I would like to set Surface# 6 as adjustment. 

So, you suggest that I manually change thickness on Surface6 based on the Δ change in Surface #1?

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@Asuku, did these suggestions work for you?