Can OpticStudio sequential mode be used to model long distance free-space Gaussian laser beam propagation?

  • 15 March 2023
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Hello everyone,

There are 3 tools in OpticStudio sequential mode to model Gaussian laser beam propagation, ray-based approach, Paraxial Gaussian Beam analysis, and Physical Optics Propagation. In the knowledgebase articles (, the beam has been analyzed through the optical system as it propagates to 100 mm. It also recommends to use Paraxial or Physical Optics Propagation tool when the propagation length is long and beam is collimated.

Will it be right to use Paraxial or POP if the propagation length is some hundred meters between transmitter and detector (as is in the case of free space optics FSO links) or there any limit on distance?

Thank you for the reply!

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