ZPL editor button can't open the ZPL files.

  • 17 March 2021
  • 4 replies

I like to edit the ZPL codes but the button of 'Edit' could not open the file, just execute the zpl files.

It was working but for some reason, it is not working now at all.

Please let me know.

4 replies

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Hello Jungtae

No sure what is not working. Could you please confirm that you are clicking here? 


Of course, I did click the 'Edit button'. It did not show up the ZPL editor.

Once I click the button, the Zemax window was blicking.



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Hi Jungtae,

Do you have multiple computer screens? I have seen a similar issue when I am using three screens. Particularly when those screens have different resolutions. Either the editor will hide behind another window, or the editor will be sent just off-screen (as is shown below). 



If you have multiple screens set up, please revert to 1 and try again. If you do not have multiple screens, let me know. 



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You can try this option and see if you can see the ZPL now:

Let us know if that helps.