how to force an analysis window to read a changed/modified config file

  • 21 June 2020
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I have a lens file open, with some analysis windows open.  Using ZPL, I want to loop through and change the .CFG file (this is for a detector window in non-sequential.).   I haven't done it yet, but I think this will change the settings: 

         ModifySettings (filename,DVW_FILTER, ‘new_filter_string”, ‘DVR’) , or something like that, once I get the quotes straightened out.

    However, my question is:  How do I force the open analysis window to update with the new .cfg file? In ZPL Macro, there does not seem to be any command like:  LoadNewConfig(Filename, WindowNumber).

   I know I might be able to open a new analysis window, but for reasons of being able to see what is going on, I'll save that for Option B.

thanks for your time.   


1 reply

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ModifySettings will work like you think, but it will not modify the settings of an already open window. You'll need to use OPENWINDOW to create a new instance that uses your new congiguration. Fortunately, there's also CLOSEWINDOW so that you don't get windows croding your screen.

- M