How to create 'Chief ray solve' using ZPLM solve

  • 30 December 2021
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Hi all,

I’m facing a problem of applying ‘Chief ray solve’ for multiple configurations inside the multi-configuration editor. I was trying to use ‘Chief ray solve’ for Decenter and Tilt to one configuration and let other configurations ‘pick up’ the value of the first one. However, the ‘Chief ray solve’ for Decenter and Tilt in multi-configuration is grayed out.


So I was wondering whether it is possible to create a ZPLM solve that is identical to the ‘Chief ray solve’ used in the lens data editor and applies it into the multi-configruaton editor?


If this is possible, can anyone shares the logic behind the implementation of  ‘Chief ray solve’ for decenter and tilt?



Best wishes and Happy new year!




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Hi Daoming,

I think your best solution is to optimize for the values/positioning that you need, rather than using the solve. I’m not sure why the solve isn’t available in this case, but if you can optimize on your decenter and tilt values within the MCE, you can then add optimization operands into the merit function (always above the wizard-inserted operands!) to target the chief ray for certain conditions. REAX, REAY, REAZ are likely the operands you’d use, and you might need to insert a “dummy” surface at your entrance pupil position so that you can target the chief ray location on that surface.