How can only OBJECT's Clear Semi-Diameter be enlarged?

  • 27 April 2022
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How can only OBJECT's Clear Semi-Diameter be enlarged? I mean, I want to increase the size of the object's Clear Semi-Diameter without changing the size of the remaining Lens Surface. Can I know how with below System Explorer Setting?


1. Aperture Type "Float by Stop Size"
2. Ray Aiming is "Paraxial"
3. Convert Semi-Diameters to Circular Properties in the Lens Data Editor
4. Change the field type to 'Object height'. 



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Hi @kivahan75,

Apologies on the delayed response to your question. In case it is still relevant to you or for the benefit of others, I wanted to comment.

If you have Aperture Type set to Float By Stop Size, the only way to increase the object “semi-diameter” is to adjust the Clear Semi-Diameter for the stop. Since you say that you don’t want to change the size of the remaining surfaces, you might want then to set the Aperture explicitly. If you select Entrance Pupil Diameter, you can specify the size of the aperture without needing to change the remaining surfaces. Now, keep in mind those surfaces’ clear diameters are by default set to automatic so they will grow and shrink with the beam; therefore, if you do not want them to change, you need to also set their Clear Semi-Diameters explicitly as well.

I hope this helps.