Creating CAD objects from “Voxel Maker.ZPL” macro

  • 22 March 2024
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Hello everyone, 

I tried to use the “Voxel Maker.ZPL” macro provided in the following article: How to show Detector Volume data in 3-D, but even though no errors appear, it doesn’t create any imported CAD. Is there any new version I can use?

Thank you!


1 reply

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@elisenda v.


Its hard to troubleshoot such a complex macro without looking at your file. My educated guess would be to look at line 144 of the macro:

data = 1  # set this equal to 1 in order to show ABSORBED flux data

Depending on how you’ve setup your Detector Volume, this data (from the NSDD numeric function) could amount to nothing. Can you try with data = 0 instead?

My feeling is that it would be worth implementing this macro with the ZOS-API as it is easier to troubleshoot more complex code in an integrated development environment (IDE).

Hope this helps and take care,