Change model glass index by ZPL in NS mode

  • 19 November 2021
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In Non-Sequential mode, is there a way to change the refractive index value of a model glass whithin ZPL? It seems that SETNSCPROPERTY doesn’t allow this, but only to change a glass chosing from the library.


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Hi Iari,


The Model Glass is a solve. You can recognize it by the letter M it puts in the cell right to the Material parameter. Therefore, the keyword you want to use is SOLVETYPE. Now, for a NSC model glass its syntax is a bit more complex, but should be as follow:

SOLVETYPE 1, NSC_MATM_#, indx, v_d, dPgF

Replace the # character in NSC_MATM_# by your non-sequential object number. Indx is the index of refraction, v_d is the Abbe number, dPgF is what it is (the number 1 is just here for compatibility with sequential systems and should be left as it is in pure non-sequential systems).

Let me know if this works for you.

Take care,