STAR Data Impact to Merit Function & Wavefront Map

  • 3 February 2024
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The surface deformations I’m reading into the system cause the shape of the pupil in the wavefront map analysis to be significantly distorted.  However the REAX and REAY merit function operands are unaffected.  Similarly if I look a the footprint plot it does not appear to be distorted at all.   

Do the Merit Function REAX and REAY commands not consider the effect of surface deformations from STAR?  

If not - what would be a good way to achieve something similar? 


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Thanks for your message.
Any analysis should be able to consider the deformations imported with the STAR tools.
Using the sample file from OpticStudio STAR Module - Data import and analysis tutorial – Knowledgebase ( I was able to update the Merit Function (standard angular spot size merit function as well as custom REAX operand) accordingly.

When all deformation effects are ignored:


Then with all deformation data:

Depending on the update settings from OpticStudio you might need to refresh the Merit Function or the desired Analysis Window, in order to update the results.
If this issue remains, can you please open a support ticket and share your file, so that we can investigate further ?

Thank you for the response!  I figured out that the issue was due to a distorted exit pupil and that I had the ‘Use Exit Pupil Shape’ box checked in my wavefront analysis.  

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Thanks for the feedback. Nice to hear the solution was found