[Webinar] OpticsBuilder for Creo Product Tour - Q&A

  • 12 May 2022
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This thread is dedicated to today’s webinar: OpticsBuilder for Creo Product Tour. Any questions received during the webinar will be responded to as a reply on this thread. Feel free to post your own questions! The speaker will be notified and will respond as long as the thread is still open.

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Webinar details

Date: Thursday, May 12th

Time: 6:00am & 11:00am PDT

Presenter: Lisa Clauson, Senior Product Manager at Ansys Zemax


Join Lisa Clauson, Ansys Zemax Senior Product Manager, as she demonstrates how to simulate the impact of mechanical designs on optical performance with Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder, a certified PTC technology partner. OpticsBuilder enables better communication and eliminates inefficiencies in the optical design process between optical engineers and CAD users. OpticsBuilder addresses all issues associated with the optomechanical process, from sharing the initial optical design, assessing the change in optical performance, and achieving final validation prior to building the first prototype.  This webinar will go over key features of OpticsBuilder including:

  • Quickly converting optical designs into PTC Creo parts and assemblies
  • Ray tracing directly in PTC Creo to catch errors early and enable better cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Create push-button optical manufacturing drawings

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This thread is now closed! Thank you to @Lisa C and our attendees.