The new Composite Surface is out!

  • 3 November 2022
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With the new Composite surface it’s now possible to tolerance the irregularity of almost all surfaces in OpticStudio! TIRR, TEZI and TEXI tolerancing operands have been expanded to allow for irregularity simulations of surfaces other than the previously supported Standard, Even Aspheric, Toroidal and Zernike Fringe Sag. Simply use the desired tolerancing operand on any surface that can be used as Composite, and run a Tolerancing analysis as usual. OpticStudio will automatically add the appropriate Composite Add-on to the surface being tolerance and assess the effect of the perturbation against the chosen tolerancing criterion. For more information, check Introduction to Composite Surface.



2 replies

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This looks really good! I’m away this weekend but will have a good play with it next week. This should be a major step forward in complex surface modeling and tolerancing.

  • Mark
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I wasn’t able to play with this as I hoped as my license doesn’t support this feature 😫 but everything I’ve read of it on the Zemax site speaks of its use in tolerancing, which is true of course. But don’t forget it’s use in complex freeforms where you can add different sag formulas together to make a very general surface.