OpticsTalk: Use OpticStudio to Guide the Alignment of a Multi Mirror System

  • 27 May 2020
  • 3 replies

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Here's the discussion space for the OpticsTalk: Use OpticStudio to Guide the Alignment of a Multi Mirror System, to hosted by Zemax Senior Optical Engineer, Alessandra Croce.

Join Alessandra to discuss how OpticStudio can be used as more than just an optical design tool, but also a very powerful tool in analyzing alignments for high precision optical systems. Stay tuned on this forum thread for updates and discussion after the talk!

3 replies


Thank you to all that joined this OpticsTalk yesterday and contributed to a much interesting conversation!

I'm attaching here a zipped folder containing the presentation slides and the system I have considered for this topic, as well as the parent and child macros that are mentioned in the slides. Please note that the macros are provided as reference, and are not specifically designed to work on the files attached.

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Hey Alessandra, that's a really good presentation. Well done. Is the video of the OpticsTalk available anywhere? 

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Hi Mark, good to hear from you! We haven't been recording the OpticsTalks, as we really want to foster an open space for free conversation. If you have any questions, though, post them here. I'll volunteer Alessandra to follow-up! :)

Also, we will be having some more OpticsTalks coming up, so keep your eyes peeled for the invitation emails!