How to apply the same coating properties to many obejcts

  • 17 October 2022
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I had headache in applying the same coating on multiple lenses. My first thought is to use a ZPL, before I start, I decided to consult the non-sequential specialists in our team. @Kensuke.Hiraka  and @Michael Cheng taught me this trick. They helped me save 10 minutes. So, I would like to share with you this to save you some time with the time I saved to create this post😆.

If the object has the same number of faces, you can set the same coating by opening the property with multiple lines selected.

If the lines are far apart, you can select multiple lines by pressing Ctrl and selecting. 


1 reply

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By the way, it’s not only the coating, the drawing resolution and other optical properties can be applied in the same way. I failed in setting the scattering property, so I follow the below instruction to achieve this.

Assign same scatter model to all faces/surfaces of CAD object | Zemax Community