Beginner in Optical Designing. How to proceed? What all other software's should I learn?

  • 4 December 2021
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2 replies

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Matlab would be a good tool to have.

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Hi Anoop,


I would recommend some basic knowledge of a CAD software. Solidworks, Inventor, and Creo are among the most popular I think. This is because, eventually, your optics will need to be mounted in opto-mechanical components and even if this parts doesn’t interest you, having a little bit of knowledge in this domain can help you make better design decision early on.

An interpreted programming langage like MATLAB as suggested by @Donna.Waters is also a good idea. I prefer to work with Python as it is free and open-source most of the time, but both serve the same purpose as far as OpticStudio is concerned. Such programming langages help you customize and automatize your processes in OpticStudio through the ZOS-API. Note that these langages are quite popular, particularly Python, and will certainly serve you in your career more generally. However, because they are interpreted, they tend to be significantly slower than compiled programing langages, which is also nice to know a little about. OpticStudio ZOS-API supports C++ and C# I believe.

Take care,