Cannnot add "New Colleague"

  • 20 June 2022
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I got New License for Zemax OpticsViewer.

I wont adding new Enduser to it product. So, I wont this user to New Colleague.

But at, I can not Add Colleague. 

I write new colleague profile and click “Add Colleague” button, but not progress so far.


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What happens when you click on “Add colleague”?
Sometimes the issue is that your colleague already exists in our system but is attached to a different account.

This article describes how to do it:

Would you like to open a case or email so we can discuss exactly what is going wrong?

Thank you!

Hi, Sandrine !

Thanks for your reply.

Our colleague who adding zemax is not exist on zemax’s system. I add other employees for zemax’s system as colleague, but I got same issue.

When I click on “Add colleague” button, blink indicator on “Add colleague” button. But it will never complete. Blinking indicator is going on for long time, and never end.

I got NO error massage, but blinking indicator never end.

Blinking indicator, but never complete


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Thank you for your answer. I’ll ask our IT to have a look. Send us a message on the support and we can help you add users in the meantime.

It seems to be solved !

I can Add New colleague to zemax’s system.

Thanks for support of zemax support team !