Universal Plot - - error message 'Error in operand parameters'

  • 10 May 2019
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I'm going to plot diff between two operands vs thickness by using the feature Universal Plot, but the analysis window always show 'Error in operand parameters', how to avoid this error?


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For the feature of Universal plot,  the function is not as expected if choosing operand as DIFF directly from the setting dialogue.

Some individual operands, like DIFF and SUMM, have no meaning if selected from the "Operand" column because these operands are only defined when used as part of a larger merit function.

If results from a calculation like DIFF are required, adding extra operand DIFF into merit function editor to calculate the difference between Op#1 and Op#2 , and then in the setting dialogue of Universal Plot, the merit function should be selected from the Operand list and the individual DIFF operand within the merit function selected for the "Line".