Tolerance data visualization - Histogram and Yield icons grayed out and non-functional

  • 29 June 2020
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Currently running OpticStudio 20.2 Professional.  Trying to use the Tolerance data visualization functions (Histogram and Yield) for the first time, but they are grayed out and non-functional.  The tolerance data viewer is working and displays the results data set.  I have run a short Monte-Carlo set and saved the files.  How to I engage the Histogram and Yield functions?


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3 replies

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Hi Michael,

The Quick Yield and Histogram features are only available for Premium or Profession Subscription-type licenses. This is outlined in the Release Notes for 20.2:



Are you using a Perpetual-type license with OpticStudio? If so, these features will not be available. If you're not sure which license type you have, you can follow the instructions in the article 'How to identify your OpticStudio license' to locate that information. In the updated License Manager (postdated June 2019) a subscription license will be shown in boldface font within the 'View License Information' tab for softkeys or red USB keys. If you have a black USB key, then it is a Perpetual-type license. 

If you don't hold a Subscription license but are interested in these features, let us know, and we can put you in touch with you account manager to discuss how to get you access!



Hello Allie,

I’m having the same problem, where the tolerance histogram and yield icons are greyed out. I’m currently running Optic studio 22.3 Premium edition. I’ve tried saving my tolerance results and opening the results in the tolerance data viewer, but the histogram and yield icons are still greyed out. Do you have any suggestions on how to get them working?

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Hi @Chris.Ladas,

Make sure to double check the license type you are using, as Allie mentioned. If you have the Perpetual-type, even if it’s Premium, you will not have access to all the new features of OpticStudio. To dive into this issue more directly, please open a ticket with Zemax support if you are still unable to access this feature and wish to discuss options.