The Universal Plot does not consider TCE values in the Lens Data Editor

  • 5 July 2019
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I've setup a Universal Plot to display the variation of ensquared energy (DENC Merit Function operand) with the temperature (TEMP Multi-Configuration operand). At first glance, the plot looked convincing. However, when I changed the TCE of one surface, the plot did not changed even slightly. Therefore, I think that the TCE is not accounted in the Universal Plot. Could you confirm?


Best answer by David Nguyen 5 July 2019, 13:47

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1 reply

When using TCE values in the Lens Data Editor, the corresponding surface Thickness must use a Thermal Solve in the Multi-Configuration operand. However, this solve type cannot be set for the first configuration. Therefore, when setting up a new Universal Plot to display a variation in temperature, one should always choose a configuration where the Thermal Solves are present.

What can be sometimes confusing is that if you choose the first configuration and have surfaces with glass materials, these Thicknesses will be affected by the temperature directly as they do not require a Thermal Solve. Consequently, one might observe a concluding plot, which in fact did not consider the effect on surfaces with custom TCE values.

In the following dummy example, I'm showing two curves ploted for configuration 1 (no Thermal Solve) and 2 (with Thermal Solve). Although the curve for Config. 1 looks normal, it doesn't consider the thermal effects on surface 3 (TCE = 50) shown in Config. 2.