TEZI tolerance operand error message

  • 30 November 2022
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I am having problems running a tolerance analysis that only uses the TEZI operand. I get the error message that says “TOFF requires surface 0 to have a physical sag” which makes no sense. You can see the screen shot in the image attached. I think this is a bug in  the software.

Any ideas?




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Hi @Diego.Gil Leyva,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I mentioned this in the case you opened, but I wanted to share the following information here in case other users have a similar issue.

As you discovered, this is indeed a bug in OpticStudio (OS) that is known to our developer team. The issue relates to the use of a legacy perpetual Zemax license and how it interacts with the subscription-only Composite Surface feature. There is a pending fix for this error that will be released in the next service pack.

As a workaround in the short term, perpetual license users can try rolling back to OS 22.2.1, which can be found here: Users should be able to deploy the TEZI operand as usual in that version.