• 17 October 2019
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Hello! I'm new to OpticStudio, and I'm currently working on analyzing a microscope design that uses Grintech GRIN lenses. Whenever I open any of the files related to this project (including the Zemax file from Grintech's website), I get the error that the material GTAGNEU is not found in the SGRIN.DAT file (image attached). I have not been able to find any way to rectify this, and other people using the files don't seem to be having similar issues. I do have a student Zemax license, if that's relevant. Any help is much appreciated!


4 replies

Nevermind, it turns out I just needed to use a different sgrin.dat file. 

Hello Clark,


Ill like to have some discussion with you about using Optics studio for my research. Please are you available sometime soon?


Hello Clark,

Where did you get another version of SGRIN.dat which contains GTAGNEU?  I met the same error!

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I think you can find the SGRIN.DAT file on the Grintech website: