Sensitivity analysis

  • 26 March 2024
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How to calculate the sensitivity analysis after tolerancing?

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Please take a look at this article by Dan Hill . I hope it will help you.

How to analyze your tolerance results

Yes, actually after tolerancing using Merit Function as the criterion the change in tolerance data viewer is 0. What does it signify?

Sorry, i am not able to answer you directly. I think it could be one of the following 

  1. either your system does not have any sensitivity at all.
  2. you are using really tight tolerances.
  3. Tolerance operands become invalid because of the Merit function operands.

I am sure some helpful expert will correct me if i am wrong. Hope you get the answer soon.

Hi Jacob,

 What to do if the tolerance operands become invalid because of the Merit Function operands?

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@Sandra Jaikumar 


What do you mean by invalid? Does it throw an error and which error message do you get? Can you share a minimal example to reproduce your issue?

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Hi, I really don't have any experience in using Merit Function as Tolerance criterion. I use mostly MTF as the criterion.

I tried to do a tolerance analysis with a 4 lens system with merit function as criterion and i got a Zemax error message.



So i thought may be you are getting 0 change because the tolerance operands are getting invalid because of the merit function operands.

Kindly share some more details of your merit function and tolerance data editor. 


No it does not throw an error, however the change in the tolerance data viewer is 0 for all TEDX, TEDY, TETX and TETY operands.