rotate mirror on tilted axis

  • 13 April 2021
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In NSC, how do you rotate a mirror about a tilted axis? For example, if the orange square below is my mirror in X-Y view, I would like to rotate it by 10 degrees along the axis marked by the dotted line.


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3 replies

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Hi Karen,

Personnaly, I'd try to use Null Objects as sort of Coordinate Breaks equivalent in non-sequential mode.

Object 1 is a rotation by 45 deg about Z to define your axis of rotation, and Object 2 is a rotation about this newly defined axis, which is now Y (notice the Ref Object is 1). Finally, Object 3 is your Rectangle (Ref Object is 2), and I've just undone the 45 degree tilt of the rotation axis with a pickup so the rectangle is aligned with the X/Y axis. Use the Tilt About Y of Object 2 to tilt about your newly defined axis.

I'm also attaching an archive of my file for you to make sure it is what you want.

For understanding the geometry in non-sequential, I like to open the Object Properties...Draw...Draw Local Axis. This shows how the local axis is aligned with respect to the global X/Y/Z coordinate system.

Let me know if this works for you, and take care,



This worked great - thank you very much!

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Hi Karen,

My pleasure. Don't hesitate to mark my reply as the answer to your question if you've find it helpful. It might also help others.

Take care,