Reduce computational effort for CAD import

  • 28 November 2019
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Dear community,

I have a question about CAD-imports in Zemax.

Sometimes I need to import larger CAD-Files (approx. 70 MB; IGS format) and Zemax takes quite a while on my laptop to import this file. Also, after a successful CAD import, it takes much time to modify parameters of this import (e.g. changing from "rays ignore object: never" to "always" takes approx. 20 minutes).

Is there a chance to improve this? How can I do that?

It is obvious that manipulating the CAD file prior to importing into Zemax is a option (e.g. simplifying the shape by using boundary surfaces instead of the real shape), but for my case it is not applicable.

Many thanks in advance!



2 replies

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Hi Patrik,

What CAD tool is creating the original file? Can you use Solidworks or Creo parts instead of IGS?

From what you've described, the time lag seems due to the file complexity and load time, but our team could help you offline to explore whether the Partlink capability with OS Premium might help save you enough time in the long run to make the upgrade worthwhile. We'd have to do some testing. I'll ask a team member to reach out to you directly to follow-up.

Hi Alissa,

CAD files have been created using CATIA V5. I have no option to use another program to export those files to IGS.

I would appreciate if you could contact me seperately so that I can provide you with some sample data.

Many thanks and hear you soon!