Real-life TAPR coatings

  • 11 January 2022
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Does anyone out there have some examples of TAPR coatings that represent what really happens in a coating chamber?    Right now, seems a bit like a guessing game coming up with cosine, radial and polynomial factors that are representative of reality.


1 reply

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Hi James,

Thanks for posting on our forums!

Are you looking for definitions that other folks have already made based on a specific method for layering optical coatings? Do you happen to know (perhaps from your vendor or whomever is performing the optical coating application) any characteristic information about the final coating layer outcome? There are certainly a lot of ways you could go about defining the shape of a coating layer with the TAPR functionality, but I suppose the other side of the coin is that you’d need to know what you’re fitting the TAPR definition to based on the result of your particular supplier.

Perhaps this is also what you’re looking for, but if you did have some kind of information about the final layer shape, we could potentially provide more comments on leveraging TAPR to obtain that shape.