PBS simulation

  • 28 November 2019
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How to simulate a real PBS(polarization splitter prism)?

i've simulate it in NSC model and coating the 2nd  prism surface as Pass_P, but  it can't comply with real result if rotate the prism. somebody can provide advise how to simulate it ?

3 replies

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You probably need to use the real coating prescription, rather than an idealized one.
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If the beam splitting is based on the coating then, as Mark says, you can model the actual coating layers to get a realistic simulation.  OpticStudio will do that. If beam splitting is based on birefringence, then you can model the splitter using the birefringent material. OpticStudio can also do that. 

The attached ZAR is a design for a Glan-Taylor PBS made from calcite. The front and back faces are coated with an Ideal 0.99 coating for 1% reflection. The Source Ray is set to input polarization at 45 degrees to the axis of the calcite.The important reflection is Fresnel reflection between calcite and air. For illustration, rays having less than 1% of their initial intensity are not traced. I did not optimize the design for acceptance angle.


Thanks, Mark.

Thanks, David.

I'll model actual thin film to get realistic simulation.