Optimization with lenslet array

  • 18 November 2021
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Hello everyone.


I am interested in optimizing an optical system that contains a micro-lens array. 

I am aware of the user defined surface type and the "US_ARRAY.C" objects. I understand that this would help me build the optical system, but now I am interested in optimization. Since the MLA will generate multiple spots/wavefronts, how can I include this information into the Merit function?

Also, in order to diagnose the performance of the system I would like to know the MTF for each lenslet. Is it possible to build an analysis plot that only considers rays from a specific region of the image?

Thanks very much in advanced for any help.



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I think your best bet is to optimize/analyze one individual lenslet by itself (i.e., just a standard single lens).  Once satisfied with its performance, you can replicate it using us_array.dll.