[NSC] How to add a 3D grating-like micro-pattern on Cylinder Volume ?

  • 22 February 2024
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I would like to find the best way to make a cylinder object with a nano- or micro- pattern on front face.

The pattern is like an array of pillars linearly arranged with a specified depth (like a grating).

I wonder if I have to use the “Coat/Scatter” properties of the Cylinder object to define on Front Face a “User-defined” Scatter Model with a dedicated .DLL to design my pattern.

But I do not know how to handle .DLL files.

Can the Part Designer be useful to design a pattern period only, and apply it on the all front face object ? 

Thank you for your help.




2 replies

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Have you had a look at the Array object and if so, why it didn’t work for you? You can create your unit pillar with a Cylinder Volume, and use the Array object to replicate it across a grid with a fixed spacing in X, Y, and Z.

Consider that the smaller your array element, the more rays you’ll have to trace to take them into account, if you are not doing this for cosmetic purposes that is. Therefore, the more you can stick with native elements, the more efficient your raytracing will be:

If you really want to go down the nanometer level, remember also that raytracing mostly doesn’t account for the particular light-matter effects at this scale.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you David for your help. Very appreciated.

I am already making some tests with your solution.

Yes, I need to keep away from diffractive effect for now, so I won’t be below 10-µm of period.

Actually, initially I didn’t wanted to test Array because I feared my Graphic Card would melt because of the 16 millions of pillars to draw on the NSC shaded model. But it seems ok for now.

What I try currently, is building the Cylinder Volume, then the Array ‘Inside Of’ the Cylinder without using Boolean operation (maybe after first tests).

I will give you a feedback asap.