Non-Sequential, Coatings not being recognized

  • 17 November 2021
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   I have a basic simulation of a point source, a collimating lens, and a 45 degree plane. The plane is defined by a rectangular volume with a very small thickness. The light source consists of two wavelengths, 0.633 and 0.450 micrometers. I coat the Front of the rectangular volume with “HR_633_21L” -- a coating to strongly reflect 633 nm. The Back of the rectangular volume is coated with “400-700_4L”, which should pass the 450 nm light.

   In the simulation, though, both sources seem to pass right through (shown in image). I cannot figure out why. Please help? What basic step am I missing?




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Try turning on ray splitting:



Also, note that the HR_633_21L coating is only highly reflecting for 633 nm at normal incidence.  At 45-degree incidence, the average reflectance drops below 80%.



Lastly, you should probably add a glass material to the substrate of your filter plate.


Thank you, that is very helpful! How can I open the plot you’re showing of Reflectivity VS Wavelength?

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Look at:  Analyze > Coatings