New Help File Section on Batch Ray Tracing in Tracing Larger Number of Rays Section

  • 1 July 2020
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My colleague and I have written a new section in the Help File on the BatchRayTrace interfaces available in the ZOS-API, so I thought I would mention it on the Forum :)

In short, instead of tracing the rays one at a time, an array of all the rays is passed to OpticStudio at a single time, OpticStudio traces all the rays and passes the entire array back to the Programming software. This method is called IBatchRayTrace. It is a bit more complex to program than performing a single ray trace, but it traces numerous rays at the same time through OpticStudio’s multithreading capability.

The new section may be found in the Tracing Large Number of Rays section:

The Programming Tab > About the ZOS-API > Tracing Large Numbers of Rays (About the ZOS-API)

Happy coding!



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That's great Ali, thank you! Batch mode is one of the great things about the original DDE extensions and ZOS-API. The ability to define an array of rays with the launch criteria set, pass the array over as a single object and get it back with all the results filled in, is a fantastic capability.