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  • 9 August 2021
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I am a student trying to make use of OSRAM’s manufacturing LED data.

I downloaded 5 different coloured LED bulbs and tried to use them on a single file after saving all the manufacturer files (e.g. DAT) into the appropriate folders.

However, when I open the NSC model/Ray Trace the LEDs do not appear nor are any rays traced.



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Hi @Kai Xin.Soh,

Apologies on the delayed response to your question. In case the answer is still relevant to you, or for the benefit of others, I wanted to check whether you specified rays for your sources. If these values are 0, you won’t see any rays in your analysis or layouts. To see rays in the layout, you need to specify a non-zero value for # Layout Rays (try something like 10). For analysis, remember to set the # Analysis Rays before running the ray trace and evaluating the result (you can start with something like 10E5 or 10E6).