model a lens optical aberration with Zernike coefficients

  • 23 May 2023
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Dear all,

     How to model a black-box optical system using Zernike coefficients – Knowledgebase (   tells us how to model a lens optical aberration using Zernike coefficients. However , this method can only define the aberration in one field at one wavelength, in most cases it’s not sufficent to define a lens overall aberration.  any further suggestions? (I’m working on the measurement of infinity corrected objectives with Shack-Hartmann sensor and i want to reconstruct the aberration in a simplified model.)

1 reply

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Hi Steven,


I’m not exactly sure what you want to achieve, and it might be a bit involved, but could you measure the aberrations for a few different fields and wavelengths, and then interpolate the coefficient to obtain the data in between your measurement points? You’d have to ensure you have enough measurements if the coefficients are changing rapidly.

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