Material index in universal plot

  • 29 October 2020
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Good day!

I am modelling a system in non sequential mode, that works with different media (basically, a refractometer). I was wondering, if you could make a universal plot, where some variable ( like the power on the detector) depends on the refraction index of the material of one of the objects.



1 reply

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Hi Alexandra,

That sounds like something which would be more suitable for the ZOS-API because the power on the detector requires a whole ray trace.

I'm thinking about something like:

  1. Setup your material

  2. Run a ray trace

  3. Report the power

  4. Change the material

  5. Goto 2. until last material

  6. Plot power as function of material

I think there are some good resources on the portal for the ZOS-API.

Does that make sense?