Knowledgebase is not available to users whose support has expired. Please reconsider this.

"You must be an end user of a supported license to read the full article."

This will make my day job more difficult.

Ugh - can't edit the title either; that was a whose; not a who's, Horton.



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Hi Mark,

The title has been fixed. 

Please let me know if you experience any more issues.




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Hi Mark,

The Knowledgebase has undergone a major renovation with the introduction of MyZemax - the searchability is greatly improved, our top ~80 most popular articles are fully up-to-date, and we're adding new content regularly. (Coming soon: learning paths, lots more information about holograms, freeforms, and tolerancing for manufacturability.) These services, along with technical support, are part of the support and subscription dues paid by our ongoing customers.

Luckily, with the introduction of subscription pricing for OpticStudio, it's straightforward to get back into support. Plus, subscribers will have access to new OpticStudio features, add-ons, and other things to come!


Director of Customer Success, Zemax

P.S. We do keep all licensing & installation articles available to everyone, so even if you're out of support or don't yet have a login, you will be able to access those articles.

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Hi @Mark.Moores,

Since around 2019, the Knowledgebase has been accessible to both supported and non-supported users. I just wanted to clarify the latest policy.