Image Simulation: “Oversampling”, “Pupil/Image Sampling, and “PSF-X/Y Points.

  • 10 February 2021
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I have use Image simulation tool to evaluate the image quality of my setup. There are different parameters in its setting, and I wonder what the realistic values of this parameter are. In attachment I specified some of these parameters affecting the simulation results, such as “Oversampling”, “Pupil/Image Sampling, and “PSF-X/Y Points.


I really appreciate in advanced if someone can assist me regarding the correct values of aforementioned parameters.

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Hi Pooria

Have a look at that article: It is a good starting point as it explains how to set up image simulations. 

  • Oversampling: is a setting to increase the number of pixels of the input image
  • Pupil/Image Sampling: these are linked to the Huygens PSF.
  • PSF-X/Y Points: these are the number of PSF we are going to calculate across the field of view. Then the software will make some interpolation.