Image simulation and camera sensor

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there are already several questions about that topic and also there are useful support here:



However, I am still having some doubts about the following questions.

Let consider that I am in the condition in which I have a 1:1 magnification lens, and I am setting the Field Type as Object height at 5 mm as “Max Field Y” and I have set the distribution as “Uniform Y Fields”.  So I am in this condition:


In that condition the Full Height of my Object would be 2*5(mm) = 10 (mm). 

Now I want to simulate, for example, how will appear my image in my system. To make my simulation more real, I want consider my camera sensor that is a 2048 x 2048 pixels with pixel size of 6.5 microns. I want to further optimize my simulation, therefore I am gonna to create a new image with the dimension of the pixels that matches the dimension of the pixel of the sensor. 


created image
pixel dimensions of the image created above.


So in this condition I am filling the empty space of the Image Simulation tool as following:


The image I do get is the following:

My questions are the following: 

  • Why do I have a black frame around my picture if I scaled it in order to match the pixel size of the sensor? in this case the Image size is 13.312x13.312 resulting from size of camera pixels* size of X/Y pixels. Does the image size is referred to the total image (including the black) or only the image inside?


  • If I put Pixel Size, X pixels, and Y pixels equal to 0 as default I do get  different results in term of image size. 


So is it just because by default the pixel size  is different?



thanks in advance.

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