How to use a zpl macro to set the Decenter X,Y of a coordinate break surface

  • 6 December 2019
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I have already searched for an answer in the knowledgebase, and searched the documentation.


  • I am using coordinate breaks to generate a system with off-axis illumination.

  • I want to step through a series of geometries using a macro to find the optimum geometry.

  • This requires that I control the the Decenter Y of a couple of coordinate break surfaces.

  • The command SETSURFACEPROPERTY does not appear to modify this parameter in the Lens Data using either

    - parameter 62 (before decenter y)

    - parameter 72 (after decenter y)

  • There are no other supported commands listed for setting decenter, and no other keywords for controlling the parameters in the lens data.

  • There are some obsolete commands such as PARM, but there is no documentation


inter_optic_distance = 5
beam_diameter_in = 5
FOR magnification, 3, 8, .5
    !determine the output beam diameter based on the selected magnification
    beam_diameter_out = beam_diameter_in/magnification
    decenter_y = (beam_diameter_in/2 + beam_diameter_out)*1.2
    print "Output beam decenter ", decenter_y
    !determine the radii of the two mirrors, such that the inter-optic distance is fixed
    radius_primary = inter_optic_distance * 2 / (1-1/magnification)
    radius_secondary = radius_primary / magnification
    PRINT radius_primary, " ", radius_secondary
    ! Set the curvature of the primary and the secondary
    curvature_primary = -1/radius_primary
    SETSURFACEPROPERTY  3, CURV, curvature_primary
    curvature_secondary = -1/radius_secondary
    SETSURFACEPROPERTY  5, CURV, curvature_secondary
    !set the Decenter Y of the coordinate break controlling the off-axis distance
    SETSURFACEPROPERTY  1, 72, decenter_y
    ! run the optimization routine
    ! Get the figures of merit for this magnification from the merit function editor
    val01 = OPER(5, 10)
    ! ... and so on
    PRINT magnification
    PRINT val01, " "
! ... and so on

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Hi Ben,

You need to use SETSURFACEPROPERTY , but instead of using code 62 or 72 (which control values inside the Surface Properties dialogue) you need to use code 10 which allows you to change the value of parameters in the LDE

For  coordinate break surface the y-decentre is parameter 2

So your code might look something like:


!set the Decenter Y of the coordinate break controlling the off-axis distance
SETSURFACEPROPERTY 1, 10, decenter_y, 2