How to set max cores by default for ray trace in NSC

  • 19 August 2022
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Hi dears,
I would like to know how to set the maximum number of cores for the ray trace in NSC. My workstation has 32 cores, but to be able to work with other applications during the calculation I considered it sufficient to launch the ray trace using a maximum of 25 cores, unfortunately at the first launch of the calculation the SW sets the maximum number of cores available and if I forget to change this value I have to stop the simulation and change it.

Thanks a lot to everyone.


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2 replies

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Hi Luca,

As far as I can determine, there’s no way to set this. The default is to auto-detect the number available, or go to the System Explorer and turn off the multi-threading entirely, which is not recommended. I think you’ll have to make a habit of checking and changing, because I don’t see a way around this.

I installed the Ansys version of OpticStudio and I noticed that, even if I set the maximum number of cores to use in the first simulation, every time I launch a new simulation, the ray trace startup mask shows me again the maximum cores of the system. Is this a bug?