How to create User Defined Aperture correctly?

  • 6 March 2020
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In some case, our modeling requirements may not be met with normal circular or rectangular apertures, we can use User Defined Aperture instead. For more information, you can navigate to "The Setup Tab > Editors Group (Setup Tab) > Lens Data Editor > Surface Properties > Aperture (surface properties) > User Defined Apertures and Obscurations" section of Help Manual.

How about if we want to create a aperture shaped by two linked circle for example?

If we created above aperture by using two overlapped circle by using CIR commands in UDA file, the overlapped region will became obstruction rather than aperture:

Instead, we have to use ARC or LIN commend to create every single curve separately in UDA file. 

2 replies

You could calculate the interception points of the circles and the angle of the resulting arcs (maybe with a macro) and then define the UDA i.e. like this:

LIN 0  0.866

ARC 0.5 0 240 64

LIN  0 -0.866

ARC -0.5 0 240 64
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You could definitely do that with a macro to write the .UDA, I just corrected the sign of the angle in the ARC function: