How to create batch ZAR file quickly from zmx file in macro

  • 5 December 2019
  • 1 reply

Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone know how to How to create ZAR file quickly from zmx file in the macro without refresh the glass catalog, thanks

1 reply

Ok, problem solved. 

This macro is to cycle through all the folder and add the coating to all the lens, and then save it from zmx to zar file. The article wrote by Andrew Locke is really helpful :


    Lensname$ =  MYLENS$  

     Lensname1$ = Lensname$ + ".ZAR"

   SAVEARCHIVE  Lensname1$ 

$ sign should always should behind the string when we just want name a string, $ at front of string (string functions) are only used when we need get lens name, path name etc which all well defined in the zemax manual.