Folded Ray Tracing

  • 29 December 2021
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am getting the geometric error when I am running the Ray Trace Tool. Light is going from fiber (illuminating fiber) to Mirror, and after reflection form mirror it is again going back to same fiber(illuminating fiber), I think this is creating error while ray tracing, Is it? I want reflected light in receiving fiber only.

I am attaching the screenshot for your reference.



How to overcome this error, please help me out, or else Can I gnore this error?

Thank you.


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Geometry errors are actually not uncommon or unexpected… you just have to verify that they’re not a cause for concern in your system. This 2-part article will walk you through what to do: How to locate geometry errors: part I – Knowledgebase (

The general rule of thumb that we use is that errors and losses of 2% or less are acceptable, but more than that needs to be fixed. Of course, you may have your own requirements in this regard, but most systems will generate a geometry error every once in a while.