Feature Request: Dark Mode

  • 7 June 2022
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It would be nice if Zemax OpticStudio had a dark mode such that the editors and graphics where displayed against a black or darker background.

Some solutions for this are to use the Windows screen inversion tool,

Windows Screen Inversion Tool

My preferred tool is the screen inverter from,


The latter allows custom mappings of screen inversion for maintaining the colors but inverting the black white values.

3 replies

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For reference, the same suggestion is made by Zemax staff in this forum post,


I’d like to second to this request.  I’ve never found a good negative that I’m happy with.  If Zemax OpticStudio had a dark mode, that would help immensely for me!

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Hi everyone!

Thank you for your thoughts about this feature request! I just submitted it to our Product team and will let you know when there are updates on its status. 

I will continue to monitor this thread for additional votes or testimonials.