error in NSTR operand when ignore errors is 1

  • 23 February 2024
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I got this error only when started using the last version Ray tracing works OK and I see the image on the detector. Whet setting merit function the error message says that this is an error in NSTR operand. The merit function is very simple

#    Type    Int1    Int2    Hx    Hy    Px    Py    Ex    Ey    Target    Weight    Value    Contrib    
1    NSDD    1    0    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    1,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000
2    NSTR    1    1    1,000000000000000E+000    1,000000000000000E+000    1,000000000000000E+000    1,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000
3    NSDD    1    3    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    1,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    1,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000
4    OPGT    3    0    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    1,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000    0,000000000000000E+000

What is wrong?


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Any chance you can post your file or a file that we can use to reproduce the error? It will be quite difficult to troubleshoot with the Merit Function alone.

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Thanks, David, the problem is solved with the help of ZEMAX support. 

For others for the case of a similar problem

“You can do a test to see if you have an error in your system setup. Run a ray trace and uncheck the "Ignore Errors". If a Geometry error message pops up rerun the ray trace but this time select the "Ignore Errors" option and then check out the "Lost energy (errors)". If its value is comparable to the source power defined in your NCE, the error cannot be ignored, and you may need to fix it before using NSTR operand in your merit function."