Drawing Transparent Rays

  • 27 April 2021
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I am currently wondering if it is possible to set the opactiy/ trasparency of optical rays without merely adjusting the number of layout rays (currently I use an ellipse/annulus or circular source array and adjust the number of layout rays) - such that one could create a fully transparent 'beam' in NSC. Additionally, would it then be possible to create intensity dependent opacity, such that after propagating through an IDEAL 0.80 0.20 coating, the two rays path are 80% and 20% the original intesnity respectively?



6 replies

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That's a great idea Nicholas! AFAIK OS doesn't use opacity for rays at all (it does for objects) and I can see how this would be a big help. +1 from me!

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+1 from me, sounds great for sequential systems, too!


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Hi all,

I think this is a great idea! I will submit a feature request to our Product team about this 🙂.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from other community members who might find this useful (and why). That will help our Product team to categorize and prioritize this request. 



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I too like this. I think it would be useful in visualizing stray light and ghosts on layout plots. As it is, the 4% of 4% second reflection has the same appearance in the layout as the 92% transmitted ray. Of course, we do have excellent tools like Filters and Path Analysis for doing a quantitative analysis of stray light, and we can also choose the minimum intensity to propagate. But I think that the ability to visualize it in illustrations would be valuable.

There are two things I would suggest for implementation. One is that line thickness, as well as or instead of opacity, could be used for this purpose. Another is that it would be useful if the scale of the effect could be specified, including linear and a few scales of log. This way we could control how fast faint rays disappear.

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It might be good to have a 'Reverse' opacity option so the least intense rays are drawn with full opacity. That would highlight the troublesome rays more, and they're the one's you're generally looking for.

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Reverse is a great idea!