Can POPD be used in mixed mode?

  • 26 July 2023
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Hi Zemax engineers:

I got error info. when I used Physical Optics function in mixed mode.

Zemax Error Message  is displayed as follows:

the physical optics propagation requires rays be used to trace through non-sequential component surfaces, see the program documentation.


How can I avoid this kind of error?




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4 replies

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Is it a stupid question to ask if your rays pass through the non-sequential component? To achieve that, you need to set up your entrance and exit ports correctly.

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Hi David,

Thanks for your reply, I sure Entrance and Exit ports setting is correct, and the stop position is also before the NSC group(NSC and Physical Optics Propagation | Zemax Community), but the Aperture Type setting is object space NA, is this error related to the aperture type setting, it makes me confused.



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Hi @YC.Liu,


I’m not sure. Any chance you can share your file with us?

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There is some documentation on using POP through the non-sequential surfaces. See “The Analyze Tab (sequential ui mode) > Laser and Fibers Group > About Physical Optics Propagation > Propagating Through Non-sequential Surfaces” in the help file.

As an additional question, does anybody know how the POP electric field data is converted to Rays when moving through the port?