Bug in Merit Function UI

  • 14 January 2023
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Hi Community,

Maybe I’m missing something simple, but is there an “Unhide Columns” in the MFE?  In both the LDE and MFE, there is a “Hide Column” contextmenu option if you right click on a column header:

In the LDE, if I then right click on a column header, there is an option to “Unhide Column” but there is not an option in the MFE:

I can switch over to the Express View in the MFE to see all the columns, but without quitting OpticStudio to reset the column preferences, is there a way to show all the MFE columns in Normal View?  



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4 replies

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Hi Michael,

For Ansys Zemax OpticStudio 2022 R2.02 on Win 10, I do not have that problem. In the sequential mode MFE, I can hide a column, and when then right clicking any column I am offered Unhide Column in the drop-down list. If I have hidden multiple columns, I am offered Unhide All Columns. Both work as expected.


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Hi Michael,

I see the same thing that David does, with hide/unhide working as advertised in both the LDE and MFE. 

Not sure if this is related, but I have a separate problem with the OpticStudio GUI that crops up periodically and can only be fixed by rebooting the computer:

As far as I know this bug is known but still persists…



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Thanks David and Jeff.  Once I shut down and rebooted OS, I see the “Unhide Columns” (but it’s frustrating losing your place in your workflow just to reboot).  It looks like one of those bugs that’s difficult to reproduce so hopefully either Zemax can reproduce it on their end or this is a one-off situation that I won’t experience again.  

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Hi All,

Thank you for reporting this behavior and discussing temporary workarounds. I have added this additional information to the bug report to help move it along. Our developers are aware of this bug, and we appreciate your patience.