assigning physical properties to Surfaces from STEP file

  • 14 June 2024
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Hello Fellow Zemaxers, 

I am relatively new to optical simulations with Zemax. Does anybody know how to assign optical Properties to Surfaces within an imported STEP file. 

the round face has a diffraction grating on it with x lines / µm. 
How can I assign a mirror grating on this surface. 

Kind Regards 

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Unfortunately, it won’t be that easy. In the Coat/scatter tab of your Object 2 Properties (visible in your screenshot), you will find settings to give some optical properties to a given surface. However, those generally apply to the entire surface geometry, such as whether the surface is absorptive or reflective, or if it has a coating or scattering properties. However, as far as I know, you cannot assign a grating to your CAD surface directly.

Moreover, in general, it is better to avoid working with CAD files due to the decreased efficiency of ray tracing. See the following article for more details:

Instead, why don’t you try with a Diffraction Grating object? You will find more details about this object in the Help File (F1) under: The Setup Tab » Editors Group (Setup Tab) » Non-sequential Component Editor » Non-sequential Geometry Objects » Diffraction Grating (non-sequential geometry objects). Lucky for you, the base shape of the Diffraction Grating object is circular.

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