Adding “smile” to laser diode array

  • 10 January 2023
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I am modeling a laser diode array with fast axis collimators, and am looking for a way to introduce smile into the diode source.  I am thinking I would model the smile as some sort polynomial expression (transverse deviation along the longitudinal axis of the linear array).  Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this short of creating 50 or 60 diode source emitters?

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Ray Jones


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Hi @Laserray 

I have to acknowledge that I didn’t know what smile was and found this explanation: with a good picture:

In terms of the software, this is not something easy to model. The array option of the Source Diode won’t help. We have the Source Object or Source Imported that start on the surface of an object but the profiles won’t work. So I think the option I would go for is the Source DLL definition. You can find an example here: 

Another idea could be to write a macro or an API script to fill your lens data editor with the sources at the right position. 

Let us know one of these options help.


Thank you Sandrine,

I ended up using a combination of Copy and Paste along with ZPL script to do this (using source diode). I needed 10 bars with 50 emitters per bar, so I created 500 source diode objects (was quick to do actually).  I then used the ZPL script with nested FOR-NEXT loops using SETNSCPOSITION and SETNSCPARAMETER to populate the emitters with X and Y position, as well as other variables.  It worked quite well.  Single bar shown here with smile of 20 microns.  Positions 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 mm from FAC array.



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Thank you for your message. It is interesting to know how you did it and that it worked well. Thank you!